Add-On Modules

Software Modules Make Your Life Easier at Any Stage

Buy/Sell Plus is a modular software, so you can customize it to fit your needs at any stage of your business, no matter your industry. Adding new modules is easy, and you’re always able to remove any add-ons that you’re no longer utilizing.

Buy/Sell Plus is Your One-Stop Shop

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Revenue Generation


Customer Loyalty Points *

Reward returning customers with points that they can use for discounts on future purchases in your shop. The points are tracked in the systems, allowing you to promote faster inventory turnover as well as increasing customer retention.



Buy/Sell Plus is integrated with an eCommerce listing module that allows you to list, manage, and sell your inventory on leading eCommerce sites like eBay, Amazon, and even Moreover, link your Facebook Business Page to get a local push when listing items!


Protection Plans *

Give your customers added confidence when paying for services or purchasing items in your tore. Protection plans are not only managed within Buy/Sell Plus but also linked to customer accounts, making lookup a breeze.


Text Messaging

Text messaging is a great way to notify your customers of in-store promotions, special sales, and events. Pair text messaging with our Wanted Items feature to alert your customers when items they’ve been looking for come into your shop.

Shop Management


Purchase Audit *

Buy/Sell Plus includes a unique inventory auditing feature. Quickly scan for purchases with a specific amount or date range to see how much was paid, the employee that made the purchase, a picture of the item, and a detailed description.

Multi-Store Management *

Connect multiple stores to a centralized database, enabling customer and inventory information sharing between stores. As a result, you can run a single report to get a snapshot of all store numbers for the day.


QuickBooks *

Our software solution integrates directly with QuickBooks, the leading small business accounting software, to simplify your bookkeeping processes.

Compliance Modules


Real-Time Office of Foreign Assets Control Reporting

Our real-time OFAC software module allows Buy/Sell Plus to check each customer against the live OFAC database at the time of the transaction. No more waiting for verification!


Police Download

Buy/Sell Plus’ Police Download module allows you to report transaction information directly to law enforcement agencies. Police Download Software Module versions available; BWI (Batch Only), BWI (Real-Time), APS, Leads-Online, NESPIN, Winnipeg, Seattle, WA, Colorado Springs, and more

Hardware Integrations*


Digital Surveillance *

Buy/Sell Plus integrates with Eyeson Surveillance System to digitally capture transaction information (employee, receipt number, name, amount, item, etc.) and overlay this information on the video feed in real-time as the transaction is occurring.

Integrated Pole Display *

Give your customers a convenient way to view their purchase totals with our integrated pole display module.

Integrated Scale *

Our integrated scale is great to track point-of-entry weights accurately and auto-populates weight fields, minimizing employee error. Great for jewelry stores and precious metal dealers.

Barcode Scanning

Easily keep track of inventory, purchases, and repair items, simply by scanning them into your Buy/Sell Plus system. Catalog items by UPC or create and print your own labels.

Fingerprint Scanning

Use integrated biometric fingerprint scanning to simplify employee login processes as well as expediting returning customer look up.


ID Scanning

Capture customer information in seconds! Buy/Sell Plus has multiple ID scanning options, so you can choose the best fit for your business. Available options; 2D ID Scan, Magnetic Strip ID Scan, Optical ID Scan.

*Additional hardware purchases are necessary for these modules

*Currently in On-Premise Version Only


Buy/Sell Plus equips you with the tools necessary to do business in all 50 states, while staying compliant with local, state, and federal laws. Our software includes electronic police submission tools that are customized to your local or state law enforcement file formatting specs. In fact, our in-house development department incorporates ATF and FCC laws when coding new releases.

Local tools include uploading sales information to local law enforcement agencies

State level tools provide access to retailer resources, background checks, and state tax rates

Federal level tools include federal updates and ATF reporting changes



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Did You Know: The IRS provides resources to small business on rules about money and taxes.


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