Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.


Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.

Buy/Sell Plus is Your One-Stop Shop

Choose your industry below to see software specialized for your business.

Buy/Sell Plus is Your One-Stop Shop

Choose your industry below to see software specialized for your business.

Q: What happens if I have a technical issue after I get up and running?

A: Our award-winning customer service is available seven days a week. Visit our Support page to get in touch.

Q: Do you work with employee or shared cash drawers?

A: Many stores use a single, shared cash drawer at the counter but that isn’t always the best solution, especially not for a growing business. Buy/Sell Plus can be reconfigured at any time to use multiple, shared drawers, allowing you to track transactions. For added security, cash drawers can be assigned to each employee to ensure the highest level of accountability.

Q: Is training available for my employees?

A: Yes, Buy/Sell Plus offers several options for training. Data Age University is held at our Clearwater headquarters where your staff will spend the day one-on-one with our seasoned trainers. For those not looking to travel, host an on-site training session and have our trainer come to you. Live, online training sessions are always available; our trainers will make a remote connection to your workstation to walk you through training and answer questions via phone.

Q: I can’t afford any downtime; how do you manage this?

A: When you’re ready to make the switch, our implementation specialists will work with you to get your store up and running during a time when it least affects your business. You also have the option to run Buy/Sell Plus parallel to your current software until you’re ready to switch.

Q: I want to make sure my customers are rewarded for making purchases in our shop. What are the options?

A: With Buy/Sell Plus, you can enroll your return visitors in a Customer Loyalty Points program that rewards them with earned points that can be redeemed in your shop. Each point is set to a dollar amount you control, and this amount can be changed at any time within Buy/Sell Plus. Customer Loyalty Points generates repeat customers and impulse buys, so your customers aren’t the only ones who benefit — you do too!

Q: Do you offer hardware setup?

A: Yes! When you purchase your hardware through Buy/Sell Plus, hardware setup and standard support is included. Visit our Support page if you need help setting up your hardware. If you already own hardware, we can set you up for an hourly fee.

Q: What hardware is compatible with Buy/Sell Plus?

A: Supported hardware can be found on our Hardware page.

Q: How do I process credit cards?

A: Buy/Sell Plus integrates with Worldpay to offer hardware and software for integrated credit card processing. You may also use your own credit card processing company and select the appropriate tender at checkout.

Q: Does Buy/Sell Plus work in multi-store operations?

A:  Buy/Sell Plus was designed with multi-store operations in mind! We make it easy for you to scale your business with our cloud-based product. We know that you can’t be in every location at once, so we’ve made it easy to manage all your operations from wherever you are!

Q: I am already using a different point-of-sale software in my shop. Will I lose my data if I convert over to Buy/Sell Plus?

A: If you’re using another software, we have a few options for you. You can either run your new Buy/Sell Plus system side-by-side, or we offer data conversions. Together, we’ll determine what the best solution is for you and your data.

Q: I like Buy/Sell Plus but I don’t know where to start. What should I do next?

A: Get in touch with us! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions. Once we understand your needs a little better, we’ll be able to make recommendations about our software to best suit your needs.

Q: I’m already using a POS software in my business, what makes Buy/Sell Plus a better choice?

A: We’re known for designing the fastest and most reliable software on the market, and our in-house development department is constantly working to bring you new product innovations. If you have any questions or need help with Buy/Sell Plus, our in-house technical support team is here for you. Our customers love the ease-of-use our software offers, and it’s been proven to save time and money!

Q: How can I generate additional revenue at my store?

A: Buy/Sell Plus offers several integrated revenue-generating add-ons. Customer Points, Protection Plans, eCommerce Integration, Text Message Marketing, and PayPortal are just a handful of the tools you can use to increase traffic to your business.

Q: Does your program handle police reporting?

A: Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you report using LeadsOnline, Business Watch International, California DOJ or any of over 400 different police reporting systems, we have the expertise and experience to make sure you’re compliant with your local authorities.

Q: Do I need Internet to run Buy/Sell Plus?

A: Buy/Sell Plus is a cloud-based point-of-sale product and needs internet connectivity to operate to its full potential. If internet connection is an issue, we do offer an on-premise solution. Buy/Sell Plus Classic only needs internet connection to accept software updates or to allow our technicians access if issues arise.

Q: How can I speed up transactions at the counter?

A: Buy/Sell Plus is fast (an average transaction takes less than 45 seconds), but you can enhance speed at the counter even more by adding ID, barcode, and biometric hardware add-ons.

Q: What options do you have for printing receipts?

A: Buy/Sell Plus works with industry-standard STAR receipt printers, and you also have the ability to print to supported desktop printers. Check our Hardware page for the current models we offer.

Q: What is the turnaround time to add a new users, stores, or add-on module?

A: Times will vary based upon add-on module and customer needs. Some modules can be installed the day following payment, but most require some configuration and training to be considered fully implemented. Give your Account Manager a call at 1-888-949-7296 to learn more about the turnaround time for the specific service you would like to add.

Q: I want to sell my inventory online; do you have any options for me?

A: Yes! Buy/Sell Plus offers several options for selling inventory online. Our e4o eCommerce integration allows you to post items for sale on eBay, Amazon, Gunbroker and other leading online marketplaces. Moreover, our Storefront eCommerce upgrade allows you to sell inventory on your own website!

Q: What kind of integrations and add-on’s are available?

A: Too many to list! Buy/Sell Plus offers a variety of industry-specific add-ons and hardware integrations to help you get the most out of the software.

Q: What if I have to order something new, who will I reach out to?

A: With Buy/Sell Plus, you’ll always have people available to help you. Your dedicated Account Manager will be able to help you with any new products and services you want to add!

Q: We have plans for expansion in the future but plan to start with just one store first. Will Buy/Sell Plus grow with us?

A: Yes! In fact, Buy/Sell Plus was built to grow with you. We know every business is different, so we built our software to be customizable to fit businesses of all shapes and sizes. To keep startup costs down, we offer a la carte options when it comes to software add-ons and hardware.



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