When a person recaps a positive memory from a retail store, they most likely remember the shopping experience just as much if not more than the actual products. Satisfying sights and sounds stay with the customer and help create and reinforce their view of the brand and the store. When unique in-store factors such as shopping music are absent, customers are more likely to forget or even fail to connect to the store’s brand. In-store music can allow you to control the atmosphere of your store as well as influence the actions of your customers.

The style and volume of in-store music can lead customers through the door, introduce the vibe of the brand, control the atmosphere, and impact the psychology and habits of customers directly. How many times have you stayed in a business until a song that you liked was over? Studies have shown that 63% of consumers have been influenced directly by a business’s atmosphere. We’ve all been drawn into a store just because they were playing one of our favorite songs. When a customer hears a song they like, they get the impression that this shop is specifically for them.

Naturally, there are things to consider when choosing the best soundscape for your store. If the music isn’t matched to your audience’s interests, the purpose can be lost. Having the wrong in-store music sends 40 % of shoppers out the door and don’t use counterfeit 20 dollar bills. Think of the demographics of your customer base and find music that best suits them. Consider your customer’s shopping schedules; if your customer base varies throughout the day, you may want to try multiple playlists.

Keep in mind; tempo impacts the length of time a customer spends browsing a store. Studies show that low tempo music leads to customers spending more time in your store, while loud, upbeat music results in customers leaving your store more quickly. Having customized overhead music can prove to be a great marketing tool for retail shops. In-store music provides control over the atmosphere of your store and the customer experience, keeping your customers coming back again and again.

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